Style Appreciation: Selena Gomez

selena gomez

Selena Gomez’ is known for being an actress, singer, designer and  philanthropist. Selena starred in her own Disney Channel show “Wizards Of Waverly Place” which ended its final season in 2012. Since then Selena has released multiple albums with hit songs like “The Heart Wants What It Wants” and “Come & Get It”.  Selena is currently working on new movies with actors such as Paul Rudd and James Franco. Selena’s latest project has been a collaboration with talented DJ/producer/songwriter/ Zedd. Zedd’s  first single ft. Selena Gomez in “I Want You To Know” is off his upcoming sophomore album. Selena Gomez’s style has evolved since her Disney Channel days and her style is usually one of my favorites that I try to look out for in a magazine.

Past Performance Outfits:  Selena has worn these outfits while performing on stage either on TV appearances or her past tour. Her performance outfits range from dark colors to light colors, glitter or leather. My favorite is the black leather outfit with fringes paired with the dark boots. I also love the light pink dress she wore to the AMA’s during “The Heart Wants What It Wants” performance. The light pink dress is a custom Giorgio Armani dress.

Appearances Outfits:  I love both the outfits where she is wearing a crop top with the skirt. Both those looks are fun, flirty and sophisticated all at once.  Selena Gomez is makeup goals, hair goals, outfit goals, basically everything.

 Music Video Outfits: Hands down her best outfits on a music video has to be for her song “Come & Get It“. The outfits in the video are killer. From the left (first two) outfits are from Come & Get It. The third picture from left to right is from her “Love You Like A Love Song” music video and at that time (2011) she was a bit younger and the outfit for that video with the cute gems was so pretty and flirty. I also loved a leopard dress she wore for Zedd’ video ft. Selena in “I Want You To Know” I couldn’t get a HD picture of the dress but you can view it here. The fur jacket in the video also caught my attention! Her “Slow Down” video outfits were also her second best video where her fashion style stands out (I watched the video) after I finished the pic collage but you can view those outfits here.

My favorite Selena Gomez Street Style Outfits

Street Style Outfits: My favorite outfits from her hands down has to be her personal/street style or red carpet looks. I would name her style bohemian chic. From what I’ve seen she usually tends to wear monotone colors. If she does wear bright colors it’s usually on print dresses or in the red carpet. Besides from her outfits, look at her shoes!! Selena finishes of her looks by pairing them with retro sunglasses.  Red Carpet Outfits: (From Left to Right) This navy blue Versace dress is breath-taking. The detailing and the cut of the dress makes it so beautiful. (worn to the 2013 VMA awards). The third dress was worn recently at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar party, the dress is custom Louis Vuitton. The fourth dress is a red satin Christian Dior dress. The fifth dress has a lower back cut and makes this look so elegant and sleek. The gown is designed by Armani Prive.

Source: Special Shout Out to Julissa & Katie from your website helped a lot on this blog post. If you’ve seen anything Selena Gomez has worn and want to know where to buy it (including accessories and shoes) you will most likely find out where you can buy it from their website! Check it out!


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