Music Monday ft. Drake, Zedd, HAIM, Marina & The Diamonds, Fifth Harmony and more!

What’s new in Music? I haven’t done a music playlist in a while, but I thought it would be fun to post every once in a while what is new in music, and what I’m currently listening to. Lately I’ve been into an EDM mood (electronic dance music). My music taste varies a lot. One week I could be into one genre, the following week it’s completely different. I’m a lover of music in general. If it’s a good song, it’s a good song no matter what genre it is. I love reviewing makeup, but my number one passion has always been music.

Drake released his newest mix-tape “IF YOU’RE READING THIS, IT’S TOO LATE” and as per usual it’s amazing. Loving “Energy”, “Now & Forever”, “6 God” and “You & The 6”.


Zedd ft. Selena Gomez-“I Want You To Know This song is fantastic. I have no doubt that this song will be a Top 40 hit, or a Top Dance song (It’s already #1 Dance song on Itunes, currently #6 on general chart. The song is VERY catchy but enjoyable. Comparing the song with Zedd’s “Clarity“, it’s completely different and “Clarity” was on another level of special. “I Want You To Know” is up there with “Stay The Night” and “Break Free” for sure. I can’t even compare them because each Zedd song is completely unique to be honest. For IWYTK the beat, the lyrics and vocals are just SO good. I think Selena Gomez killed it with this song. One of my favorite Zedd tracks for sure next to (Find You, Legend of Zelda).

i want you to know zedd ft. selena gomez

Charli XCX ft. Rita Ora- “Doing It” This song is just so damn catchy, it’s always playing on the Pepsi commercial so I was bound to listen to it all.

Calvin Harris ft. HAIM “Pray To God“- YASSSSSSSSSS. So much slaying go on in this song. This song is EVERYTHING right now. The vocals, the beat…ah darn you Calvin Harris!

Ready Revolution “Love To Kill A Bomb“- I’ve been following these guys ever since I had Diego (lead singer) for a COMM class. Let me just straight up tell you guys…these guys are the real deal. Pop Rock music doesn’t get any better than these guys. IMO pop rock music has been lacking for these past couple of years, and these guys are exactly what pop rock needs. Their new single was released 2/20. You can find more RR music here: Facebook &  Twitter

Check Out Their Current Single on Youtube and on Itunes

Borns ” Electric Love“- This song is just a very great feel good song . IT’S SO GOOD. I recommend checking out BORNS Ep if you haven’t already. I’m obsessed with it in a good way.

Enjoy this YT acoustic version!

Fifth Harmony “Worth It“- I had to mention this one song from the Fifth Harmony girls (shout out to Ally Brooke who’s from my hometown) I watched these girls on the X- Factor and I just think this song is one of their strongest song from their debut album “Reflection” hopefully it comes out as a single (it would be a huge hit on radio).

J.Cole “Apparently“- Like I mentioned before good music is good music no matter what genre it is. J. Cole’s song “Apparently has been on repeat on my playlist for some time now. J. Cole’s album is very good too!

Marina & The Diamonds “I’m a Ruin“- Oh Marina how you make my heart oh so happy. Marina can do no wrong on my book. “I’m a Ruin” just makes me so excited for Marina’s new album FROOT. Slay QUEEN, SLAY!!!


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