April Movies

The Age of Adaline tells the timeline of Adaline, ever since her accident one night she soon comes to realize that she will never age. But being immortal only means a life alone and a life where she must run and change her identification time and time again; leaving behind those she loves to grow old without her. Blake Lively is an absolute gem to see in this period/modern day film.

Child 44 is based off of Tom Rob Smith’s mystery thriller novel of the same name, the movie follows Leo Demidov chasing the brutal trails of murdered children in a time of chaos and fear in the Soviet Union. It is not an easy movie to watch but an important one that sheds light of a worrisome time and of a man who fought his way to bring some justice to the innocent families.

The Longest Ride begins with two young lovers falling in a blooming love. Though both live in very different lives they are brought together nonetheless. Their love, like most is complicated and when they rescue an older man stuck in a car accident they begin to see how love can truly hurt. Flashbacks take us to the young love the old man once had, told through the letters written by his beloved.

Woman In Gold stars Helen Mirren in the search for justice after years of struggle to be reunited with the masterpiece painting of her aunt painted by Gustav Klimt . Taken from her home during World War II, her family has suffered loss and injustice now she wants what is rightfully hers and Randol Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds) will help her take back what was stolen. Mirren is as astounding a masterpiece as the painting of the Lady In Gold.




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