About Me

 I first want to thank everyone who has liked, commented and shared any of my blog posts, it means a lot to me. This blog started as a fun project with a friend, and now it’s become a personal blog. All my own likes and dislikes are posted on here for me to share with you. My likes and dislikes have changed over the course of the start of this blog (2013). I’ve done a lot of growing since then. I still have a huge passion for music and a love for make-up. My hobbies include learning new languages, reading, writing scripts, watching movies, collecting vinyls, dancing in the rain, eating ice cream, and eating Chipotle. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas but eventually I would like to travel the world and go on adventures. My passions include, photography,writing of the latest beauty trends, writing about music, tv and movies, going to concerts, and listening to The Beatles. I hope through this website and this brief summary of me ,you will have a better understanding of who I am. Thank you for reading my blog. Much love.

Fun Facts about me :

• I have vivid dreams that I remember clearly, I sometimes write them down in a journal for movie ideas.

• At the age of 8, after obsessing over Jurassic Park and my brothers dinosaur toys, I wanted to be a paleontologist .

• Rocky road ice cream is my favorite

• I love acting, my entire high school experience was me acting and singing.

• I keep concert tickets to remember how much fun I had, also I’m very sentimental.

• Tom Hanks  is one of my favorite actors.

•Captain America, Spiderman and The Flash are my favorite superheroes.

•Jason Kennedy once creeped on my Instagram and liked my photos.

• Pixar’s “Coco and Up” are my favorite animated movies.

• Yellow is my favorite color. Teal and Royal Blue are my second and third favorite.

• Helicopter rides are my favorite. One day I want to fly over the Grand Canyon.

• I love staring at the stars and rainy days.

• Once I get out of my shell, I’m a very silly person. I make too many jokes and movie references.

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