Sephora Lip Cream in Pink Souffle

Guys, I’ve done some damage recently…. if you’ve seen on my Instagram account I posted this high-end picture and not the drugstore picture down below. I was going to post the drugstore picture, but I don’t want people to think I’m bragging. These pictures are sneak peaks into what I will be reviewing in the next couple of days.

drugstore haul 2015

Drugstore collective haul

high end collective haul

High End collective haul


Today I wanted to talk to you guys about the Sephora Lip Cream in “Pink Souffle”

ami garza sephora lip cream in pink souffle

I know it looks like I’m scratching my head but I wasn’t 😦 I was pulling my hair away from my face lol

If you follow my blog you will know that I reviewed two Sephora Lip Cream’s a while ago, here’s the link.

Well since then, Sephora has discontinued “Classic Beige” which was amazing. “Strawberry Kissed” is still available but always sold out #thestruggle. Sephora has also added more shades to their lip creams. I have yet to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks, or the Ulta Lip creams so I can’t compare them to each other. I’m a huge fan of these Sephora Lip Cream’s I think they’re great. Two thumbs up with these Lip Creams, they’re very creamy and vibrant and this color is just gorgeous. If you’re hesitant on dropping $18+ on a liquid lipstick, I’d recommend you to try to find these at your local Sephora and give them a try.



What do you guys think? Do you own a Sephora Lip Cream? If so comment below with your shade! :))))))





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