Sally Girl $1 Shadows Swatches and Review

Sally Beauty Supply is not only a place where you can shop for hair products, Sally’s contains a lot of beauty products including eye shadows, mascaras, eye lashes, and nail polishes. I stumbled upon the NEW Sally Girl eye shadows (I don’t have a pic of the old ones) but I’m pretty sure these are new considering the fact that the Sally Girl nail polishes (also $1) were revamped. sally girl

sally girl baked shadows

From Left To Right: Royal Blue Shadow (388173), Brown Shadow (388167), Silver Shadow (388130)

The shadows in the picture above don’t have names, they only have numbers.

Shadows without Primer or Water

Sally girl shadows

These are the shadows alone, without any primer or water. Not that pigmented.

Shadows dipped in Water with a Brush

sally girl baked shadows

The shadows applied very smooth and rich in color when applied with water. Baked blushes tend to work better with water.

sally girl baked shadows

The shadows applied with a primer underneath. The shadows look okay with the primer, but for me they stood out the most with the dipped water.

I feel like these shadows are only good when applied wet. I wasn’t so impressed with the shadows with a primer or alone. They’re not a complete disappointment either. For the $1 each shadow I thought they were decent baked shadows. If you don’t like applying your shadows wet, I wouldn’t recommend these. They’re neat to try! The colors Sally’s has on these baked shadows are pretty amazing though. 

sally girl shadows

Left Shadow (Brick) and Right (Navy)

sally girl shadows

You can clip these shadows side by side like the Revlon ones. How cute!!!

Shadows Without Primer

sally girl shadows

The shadows without Primer.

The Shadows With A Primer

sally girl shadow



 These eye shadows were shockingly pigmented and creamy. I was blown away by the pigmentation on these shadows. I will most likely pick up more  of these shadows on a future trip to Sally’s. With or without a primer these $ shadows delivered. If you’re near a Sally’s I recommend you pick some of these up! For a $1 and the quality these give, it’s worth it. I’ve tried them once already and they blend nicely so far! 🙂


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