Romance Movies to Watch in February

minds This list could have been ridiculously longer…but I had to stop myself from going there. As if this list wasn’t hard enough to put together can I just say there’s over 100 romance movies out there..well more than 100 films be exact. I put together this list because I feel like these romantic movies are some of my favorites. If you’re a woman and you don’t like romantic movies, you’re just kidding yourself. (I’m pretty sure I missed a bunch of good romance films, feel free to comment your favs below!!)

The Fault In Our Stars– This movie tells the beautifully story of Hazel & Agustus. Hazel who suffers from Cancer finds adventure and joy when she meets Gus. This isn’t a regular teen romance film, it’s a story with a lot of depth. This movie is a must see for everyone! (A box of tissues will be needed)


P.S I love you– This movie is a tear jerk-er for me, grab a box filled up with tissues because you’re going to need them all. I don’t want to go into detail and ruin the movie for y’all but it’s mainly about a woman who is dealing with the loss of her husband.

ps i love you

A Walk To Remember– This story is about two H.S students who basically have different lives and are  two complete different people and one of them falls in love unexpectedly with the other. Grab your tissue box! This romance film is also a book by famous author Nicholas Sparks.

a walk

500 Days of Summer– I love this movie because it’s just more realistic than the typical romance films. Zooey Dechanel is totally adorable (as usual) and Joseph Gordon Levitt is such a lovable guy.

500 days of suumer

Amelie– This movie is one of my all time favorite films. One of the greatest professors I’ve ever had introduced this film to my class and I instantly loved this quirky film. The film is a French film, but don’t worry you can follow along with subtitles.  (I RECOMMEND THIS FILM %100)


Breakfast at Tiffany’s- This story is about a young woman who can’t really commit to anything (she names her cat, Cat because it’s a huge commitment for her naming it) until she meets  the right person.


Silver Linings Playbook- This movie is also based on the novel, this movie is about two people who are going through tough times in their lives, who strangely enough are right for each other. This film is hilarious and hands down one of the best performances from Jennifer Lawrence. (She did win an Oscar for Best Actress for this film)


Sleepless In Seattle- Meg Ryan is the QUEEN of Romance films. This film is about a man who is mourning his wife, and has trouble getting back in the field. This film is probably one of my favorite Romance films of all time!!


When Harry Met Sally- Again, Meg Ryan is the QUEEN of Romance films. When Sally firsts meets Harry she instantly doesn’t like him. They meet once and then after they meet they occasionally meet each other years after and slowly start becoming friends (which is something that Harry says they could never be, he says “men and women can’t be friends without wanting something more”)

when harry

Bridget Jones Diary- This film is hilarious, one of my favorites as well. Bridget is in her late twenties (early thirty’s) and has yet fallen in love or gotten married. It’s a new years and Bridget decided to make changes in her life. As Bridget starts changing her life, it gets complicated as she falls in love with her boss.


Titanic– We can’t be friends if you’ve never seen Titanic. I’m joking, but seriously?! Titanic is a story of a young wealthy woman and a poor man (hot Leo DiCaprio) who fall in love while boarding the Titanic. Major tear-jerker.


The Notebook- “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” that’s all you need to know. Another great Nicholas Sparks romance novel, turned film. Although I can say I did NOT like other Nicholas Sparks films (The Last Song/Dear John)


The Perks of Being A Wallflower-“We accept the love we think we deserve” this is such a cute, sweet film that is a must see for young adults, or everyone really.


Grease– “Tell me about it, stud.” This is a comedy/musical film and it’s the best…ever.


One Day- This movie is just sad, but I liked it and I think you should give it a chance.

one day

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days– One of my favorite modern romantic comedies.

how to lose

So tell me, which romance film is your favorite?


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