Review of the Saphora Cream Lip Stains

If you haven’t seen my previous post on Liquid Lipsticks, click here. This post will be about the Sephora Liquid Cream Stains. I randomly saw these lip cream stains on Youtube and they’re surprisingly not very popular in the Youtube/Blogging community. When  I saw these I knew I really wanted to try them out. These cream lip stains come in 10 different colors and they are really affordable, only costing $12 a pop! I grabbed two out of the collection and I want to purchase them all.

Sorry for my chipping nails! It's a habit picking the polish off.

Sephora Lip Creams (sorry for the chipping nails,it’s a bad habit)


Review: When I first looked at these Lip Creams I almost went crazy looking for the names of each lip cream. I’m a bit disappointed that they don’t come with a name on it. If you look at the picture above you can see it has the sticker with the bar code, the plastic of the packaging comes with the name. I took the sticker of the plastic and just taped it with the Lip creams. Now for the actual product the colors are very opaque, and creamy one swipe and you have enough product for your entire lips. The lip creams smell like cupcake batter…similar to the Nyx Lip creams. The lip creams dry on the lips in about two minutes. I wore one of these lip creams for a day and I don’t have much to complain about. I feel like they can be a little drying especially towards dry lips. I have very chappy lips so I felt my lips dry. Even though my lips were dry the lip cream didn’t fade or crack at all. I wold recommend using a lip balm before or after for better smooth lips with the lip creams on. When I drank and ate during the day, my lips were a hot mess. It looked like I only had lip liner. To the Lip creams defense I am a very messy eater. If I wouldn’t have had something to drink and eat all day, the lip cream would have stayed all day. If you take random sips of water the lip creams don’t come off. Overall I really liked the lip creams, I want them all. I love how vibrant and creamy the lip creams are. They last a great amount of time which is very impressive coming from a lip cream. If you don’t like how liquid lipsticks feel on your lips, maybe lip cream stains would be a better alternative for you.


Testing Out "Strawberry Kissed"

Testing Out “Strawberry Kissed” in natural lighting


02- Classic Beige


03- Strawberry Kissed



You can purchase these lip creams in Sephora and Online:


Sephora Lip Creams vs Nyx Lip Creams: Both these products are lip creams and they are fairly similar. The smell of both these products are very alike. Both these products are “cream” stains. I feel like the Nyx ones don’t dry to the matte finish at all. As to the Sephora lip creams…they do make your lips have a matte look to them. Nyx Lip Creams range for about $6 as to the Sephora $12. Besides the Nyx and Sephora Lip creams I have tried the Essence Stay Matt Creams which was one of the first posts that I wrote  here. If you don’t have time to check that post out, I basically say I prefer the Essence Stay Matt Creams over the Nyx ones.


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