Review: NEW L’oreal Blonde Brass Banisher Shampoo and Conditioner

01d264cb-ecfe-46af-8420-3408c1a323b0I picked up the shampoo and conditioner at Ulta beauty. I decided to give this product a try as an alternative for my very pricey Joico purple shampoo that costs about $17 each for individual shampoo and conditioner.

Both products have a minty smell, and the product color is a very pastel like lavender. Having used all the product, I can honestly say I loved it.When you wash your hair with it, you get a lot of foam in your hair and when you lather it, it makes your hair feel very smooth. My hair is not that blonde, but it’s the lightest I’ve ever had it. It took about three sessions to lighten up my hair and my hairstylist recommended for me to use the purple Joico shampoo and conditioner to eliminate the brassiness. Although I loved the Joico products too, the L’oreal products are fantastic alternatives for the Joico ones.

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet to eliminate brassiness, I highly recommend you use this shampoo and conditioner. I believe you can buy both of these products for under $15 which is a steal. If you purchase these at Ulta, you can use your $3.50 coupon off! The products are also available at Target.


The picture above is a photo of my hair after I used the product and styled it after. No yellow or brassy tones for me!!! Ever since going blondeeeee–ish I had to go an extra mile to take care of it. Talk about blondes having more fun ehh?

Let me know what products you use to take care of your hair, I’d love to try new products!

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