Current favorite shows

I don’t have a specific genre or preference when it comes to shows, some of my all time favorite shows include;  Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Lost , The Office, and Friends.

Here’s a couple of new/old shows that I have enjoyed watching over a period of time. I highly recommend these to you. I will add the trailer to the show so you can get a better idea of what the show is about.

(In no particular order)

  1. This is US (NBC)– It’s a show about a family and all the drama in their lives but with a twist. It’s very unique with how the story is told. I don’t want to ruin it but it’s a great heartfelt show. 
  2. Westworld (HBO)– You know… I have a hard time trying to explain this show to people. I simply just tell them it’s like a Jurassic Park. It’s a theme park with artificial intelligence. The theme park happens to be in a fictional place titled Westworld. If I continue I think I will spoil it all. It’s fantastic with storytelling too and the special affects are fantastic too. It’s really worth watching. I don’t think I’ve loved a show this much since Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. (J.J Abrams is a producer of the show)
  3. Narcos (Netflix)– Well if you haven’t seen Narcos yet, you should. The series will continue after the fall of (spoiler alert) Pablo Escobar. The show is of course is inspired by true events.
  4. Stranger Things (Netflix)– I’m sure you’ve heard the hype. The hype is real. Just watch it. In all seriousness it’s a great sci-fi show with talented young kids acting in it.
  5. Gilmore Girls(Netflix)– When I was in middle school, I remember  watching a couple of episodes (not in order) when they still aired. Now as a young adult, I decided to binge watch the entire 7 seasons in order so I can  catch up on the revival on Netflix. Im currently in Season 5. All I have to say is  Lorelai Gilmore is my spirit animal. I will update you guys with who I think Rory should end up with. Right now Im team Kirk! kidding, I will update you guys after I watch the revival.
  6. My Mad Fat Diary(Hulu)-I relate to the main character Rae Earl so much, it’s not even funny. This is a UK show that is available in Hulu here in the states. It’s a show about a girl and her dysfunctional life, she learns to cope with a lot of her own mental health issues.
  7. The Crown (Netflix)-It’s a drama of the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940’s to modern times. I love the actors, and I love how the story is told.
  8. The Flash (CW) S1-2 available to stream on Netflix-Barry Allen might be one of my favorite superheroes. I think my favorite superhero is Spider-Man and then Captain America. Yes I know they’re both from Marvel. From DC, The Flash is my number one.It’s a great superhero show, I really enjoy watching it.
  9. Daredevil (Netflix) not the bad Ben Affleck movie- I was really hesitant to watch this series because Ben Affleck ruined the film for me, personally. I’m glad I watched this series because I feel like Charlie Cox is Daredevil. The story is told nicely and the actors are great. Again, if you feel like indulging into the superhero universe, this would be a great series to watch.
  10. I couldn’t come up with one more show  to add to this list but out of all the ten options here, if you are a normal person and you can only watch one new show, I’d recommend for you to watch Westworld. It’s awesome.

This a huge list of TV shows, I know. I bet you’re wondering If I have a life? To answer your question..I do, sometimes. I usually can’t sleep at all, so I binge watch until I sleep. Also in the weekends it gives me time to watch TV. Have I mentioned I love TV? I do.

Let me know if you watch any of these shows, and if you do which one is your favorite? If you don’t and have a better recommendation, I’m all ears!

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