Looking back 2016

I know 2016 hasn’t been a great year for everyone or the world to be quite honest, but as for me it’s been a great year. There was a lot going on this year and I really felt this year was amazing. So many crazy cool opportunities came across and a lot of new friendships blossomed.

I feel like I grew up a lot and I feel like I’m ready to embrace whatever life throws at me. You know I’ve been thinking a lot about the past and the people who once were part of it. Throughout the years people have come and gone, but they will always have a special place  in my heart.I honestly feel  like I would embrace them in my life again if they wanted to be part of it again. It’s time to move forward and if you want to be part of my future, I’m open to new friendships and memories.

Let’s look back at 2016! (here’s last years looking back 2015)


Here’s a pic of myself with my cousins last year waiting for 2016!


Hanging out with my best friends from High School is always the best time. These girls have been my best friends through thick and thin. I will always love them. Even though we live far away from each other or we don’t see each other as often as I would like, nothing and no one can change how much they mean to me.


“When in doubt, pinky out”


The rest of the month was just the start of a new semester, local concerts and birthday parties.


The start of new friendships. We had a video assignment to do, and these kids were nice enough to help out and drive with me to Austin for a day to do it. If they didn’t volunteer we probably wouldn’t been great friends this year. Crazy to sink that in.


Of course we visited the Graffiti park in Austin for fun.


Also visited Uncommon Objects and Home Slice Pizza!


We continued to hang out and have fun while doing school projects!



I also continued my aunty duties.

Also attempted to wear pink on Wednesday’s


PROBABLY ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR, SITTING IN THE IRON THRONE FROM GAME OF THRONES. IF YOU KNOW ME LITTLE, OR A LOT YOU KNOW IM A HUGE GAME OF THRONES FAN. Going to SXSW and hanging out in the GOT exhibition and taking photos with a tie fighter made this year so much awesome.


Trying to play it cool on the throne chair. Does the chair come with Jon Snow though?



Dora killing me with Arya Stark’s sword “Needle”. It was the actual sword guysssss.


Dragon bbys


We found parking for our tie fighter!

More hanging during Spring break with these kids.


I made it as a finalist for the Society of Professional Journalist Region 8 awards for a photo I took Fall 2015. It was this pic below.



Oh man this year started really great besides my little Game of Thrones adventure, me and Dora saw TWENTY ONE PILOTS AND KENDRICK LAMAR FOR FREE. It was so awesome, besides it being free we were so close to the stage and we also had tickets to see Mumford & Sons the next day. We went on a road trip to see cool bands and we ate a lot of junk food. It was a very memorable weekend.




Hippy vibes. Couple goals behind us though hahah


Mumford & Sons!!!!

I also went to the Houston Film festival and saw a bunch of random foreign films. Sang and ate too much along the way. Explored Houston and went to the Japanese festival there too with Yuri and Ryan.



April ended with a lot of festivities in SA and in school. It also ended with the end of Spring semester.


Most of May and June were a blur. I just remember visiting family in Mexico and hanging out with this girl!



Hanging with my best friends and staying up to watch the latest season of Orange Is The New Black was so much fun. We also watched Heathers!


Top photo us from 2009 and bottom photo us June 2016. Nothing has changed were still the same dorks.

June was also the month were I drastically changed my hair. I went from brunette to honey blonde. It was a much needed change.



I also received the Society of Professional Journalist SA Pro Chapter scholarship.

June was also a month of heartbreaks. It was the month that Tim Duncan announced he was retiring from the NBA. I took the departure very hard. Let’s reminisce on that time I was close enough to photograph the legend.


I totally accept that this pic was a tad bit creepy. What can I say my creep tendencies come out when there’s a Spur.


My birthday…I turned 23. What the hecckkkkk, swear I don’t like I’m in my Jordan years. I still feel like I’m 19. My mom bought me this chocolate covered strawberry cake, my favvv. She was also super sweet and purchased Jon Bellion tickets for me. What can I say she loves me so much.


The rest of July was just filled with family and birthday parties.


Reconnection. If there’s anyone in the world besides my mom who knows me, the real me..my heart, my flaws, my fears, my strengths..it’s these two. My cousins who feel like sisters, they’re my best friends. We started reconnecting together this month, and made it a plan no matter how busy we were to chat with each other in messenger, and we did. Hanging out with them means so much to me. I remember this night we stayed up talking the whole night until the morning. There were tears and laughter.


The rest of the month I vaguely remember anything. Oh yeah Fall semester and a new work opportunity popped up. I was hired as a Visual Editor of my school’s online site. It’s been a great experience.


Hung out with Miriam and Stephanie more for Mimi’s baby shower. I also dyed my hair a little lighter too!



Just being silly with baby Jaxsen in the tummy.


Felt good being with them again!


When am I not silly?

September was also the crazy month were my cousins and I randomly decided to drive to Coupus Christi for the MAC X Selena Quintanilla launch party. It was a night I won’t ever forget. I met these cool ladies and I bought some lipsticks.


Here I am wearing Dreaming Of You by Mac x Selena



We celebrated my niece’s 1st birthday with family and it was fun!

I also had fun attending school events with friends!



I also had a tons of fun  getting dressed up and photographing  events like the Mala Luna Festival and the Alamo City Comic Con.


Met Jon Bellion and had a blast at his concert. He was sweet and amazing.


I also took these really cool nature photos.



I had a blast in the end of the semester with friends.


We celebrated Ryan graduating with dinner at my favorite pizza place. The day after we all hung out at Rosemary’s and had a PJ party. We danced the entire night. Although I’m not a great dancer I still danced for them. Try.. to erase that mental picture… we also ate junk food and played board games. It’s been a fun ride getting to know these kids. I shelter myself from new people, but I’m glad this year I was able to come out of my shell to make new memories.



Christmas in Mexico is always fun, especially because of all the tamales involved, oh and family.

I just want to thank every single person who made it into these pictures and now these memories that I will cherish forever. It’s been an amazing year and I can’t wait for 2017. I hope 2017 is filled with adventure and new memories. I hope 2017 for the world brings peace, hope and love. We all need it. Hope your year was great! Thanks guys for supporting this tiny blog and liking my blog posts. I appreciate every one of you so much. Thank you.

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