Most Underrated: Miley Cyrus

In honor of the 2015 VMA host, Miley Cyrus I decided to write a post on Miley’s best songs that are underrated. Miley is a very talented singer who surrounds herself with controversy, she’s had her fair share of hits with songs like “Wrecking Ball”, “Party In The USA”, and “7 Things”. The following Miley songs are not songs we hear on the radio. The following songs are songs from her that I believe are underrated, and they deserve a little recognition. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Bottom Of The Ocean (Breakout)

4.Stay (Can’t Be Tamed)

3.Liberty Walk (Can’t Be Tamed)

2.FU ft. French Montana(Bangerz)

1.Time of Our Lives (Time of Our Lives Ep)

What is your favorite Miley Cyrus song? Will you be watching the VMA awards?

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