Colour Pop Ultra Matte lipsticks review

Hey guys, long time no see. I have missed blogging and every single person who has ever commented or viewed this blog.
Il be reviewing and swatching  the Colour Pop ultra matte lipsticks today.
Before I begin I want to mention that whatever works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Since my “battle of the liquid lipsticks” post the game has changed. Every makeup brand has their own liquid lipsticks and it is awesome. Especially for us frugal gals.

 I’m going to keep it simple and sweet for you guys.

Pros: They’re really affordable. I purchased all 6 for $31.00 with a $5 off coupon and with free shipping. They have various shades of nudes,pinks,purples and reds. The lipsticks are really pigmented, 2 points for Gryffindor! Oh and they also dry pretty fast!

Cons: I don’t know if they usually take two weeks to ship people’s orders, but mine took two weeks to arrive. (I tweeted them and emailed them and they replied within a day and explained that because of their Labor Day sale they were behind orders) they added a Colour Pop shadow in my order for free. If you have dry lips (like I do) they will only last about 2-4 hours on your lips. If you drink or eat, the lipstick in your inner lip will fade.( I wore the liquid lipsticks with and without lip balm) I recommend using lip balm with these babies. It really depends on this next one if you consider it a con. I’m still deciding…these lipsticks formula is very thin and watery.

Overall I think they’re worth trying. They’re not the best liquid lipsticks but for the price, they’re good enough to try. If you own Colour pop ultra matte lipsticks comment below and let me know of your experience with them!


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