September Movies

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials continues the story of Thomas and the Gladers now taken to new land after being stuck in the maze for so many years. Here choices are pushed and made that will force them to face struggles in places they know nothing of.

The Intern brings two people in need together, Ben is widowed and retirement has put him at a stopping point in his life whereas Jules is constantly found under pressure, speeding her way to prosper. When he becomes her new intern she discovers what peace and experience can do and he is given a purpose to continue.

Before I Wake begins with the welcoming of a child to his new home and new parents Jesse and Mark; the movie dwells in the night for that is when the young Cody dreams. His dreams begin softly, both new parents experience the wonders his dream state contains but Cody’s dreams soon turn to nightmares.

The Visit is for those of us who can’t help but look at the strange and unusual. From what we’ve previewed from the trailers this movie looks like it will give the viewer the goosebumps and strange knots in our stomachs a thriller should give. M. Night Shyamalan is the director for this upcoming movie starring two children in the company of their weird by day and disturbing by night grandparents who are left in charge of them while their mother is away.


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