Flowers In Your Hair

Urban Outfitters doesn’t have much in it’s collection but the floral crowns are beautiful and not too expensive.

Flower Children Only  is the absolute best for any type of floral accessories, the detail, the fit, it is a great option if you want  quality in your flowers.

Icing is one of the best options for accessories in general and their flower headbands are not too crowded but simple and cute.


Hippies & Halos is the shop to view on Etsy for flowers


If you don’t want to spend much on floral crowns and headbands then try doing one yourself!

Here is an example of a floral tiara

Steps: First comes choosing the flowers then having a glue gun and scissors ready for cutting and placing on top of the headband or whatever else you may choose, I here chose an old tiara I had to be the base.

flower 3


flower sides


or if you just want one for the day, try some fresh flowers!





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