DIY Floral Headband for Under $5

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Hello lovelies, if you haven’t noticed yet one of the biggest trends has been wearing the floral crowns/headbands. I am going to show you a way to make yours for under $5. If you decide to purchase a floral headpiece they usually go for $7-$20 dollars.  Now let’s get started.

Items purchased: All these items were purchased from my local Wal-Mart

White Headband

Glue sticks for Glue Gun

Artificial Bouquet of Flowers of your choice.

You will need all the items listed up above, and also a pair of scissors.


Wal-Mart carries different color of headbands for $1.49 each. In my case I choose to purchase a white headband because I chose the Daisy bouquet. I grabbed 2 bouquets of flowers each costing me $0.99. I guessed how many flowers I needed, my flower size were about a medium size and I ended up using 13.



The first thing you do is  you take off the flowers from the bouquet. (You simply pull the flowers off from the artificial stem)


After you remove the flowers make sure you plug-in your  glue gun and wait a couple of minutes for it to get hot. Once you feel the glue gun hot/warm you are ready to continue.



Next you have to make sure you remove the back of the plastic flowers (shown below) so you can have a flat surface to when you glue to the headband.







After you remove the plastic out of all your flowers you should end up with something like the picture above.


Once you finish removing the plastic from the flowers (making the flowers flat from the back) you can start gluing. For me I noticed that you can glue the flowers right next to each other and squeeze them in. If you squeeze them in your flower headband will look a bit messy. If you decide to give a bot of space between the flowers you will have a much cleaner looking headband.




To my choice I decided to separate the flowers at least an inch apart to give it a semi clean look to it.


Finished product:


flower headband by Ami Garza

I thought the headband was cute, it is something I will not be using for an everyday look. I made this headband because it’s almost time for FIESTA! Fiesta is a parade and now a two-week celebration in memory of  the heroes of the Battle of the Alamo & Battle of San Jacinto. I remember being younger and wearing the floral crowns around my head. I will be using this headband for Fiesta and maybe to take some pictures 🙂 . This headband is cute and I think it will be great to use during Spring/Summer and to festivals!! If you decide to make one for yourself please share your finished product! -Ami


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