March Movies

Insurgent continues the revolutionary story of Tris from the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. It follows Tris and her group as they run from those against them; more so this adaptation will be closer to Tris’ fears, her inner fight and the choice to help the ones left behind.

Home travels to a planet of a different race planning to visit planet Earth, there Oh resides and all he has ever wanted is a friend. When they land on Earth he makes the acquaintance of Tip, an unlikely girl who shows him the meaning of being human as he takes her on an adventure beyond her imagination.

Get Hard stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in a team duo joined together when millionaire James King (Will Ferrell) is facing time in jail and Darnell (Kevin Hart) helps him foresee the life he will soon face. This comedic movie doesn’t only tell a funny story of two men doing outrageous things, it also shows how discriminating another without honestly knowing them  can lead to false truths.

On Limited theaters:

Serena pairs the two great actors, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in the 1930’s. A story based upon Ron Rash’s novel of the very same name.

While We’re Young has Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as two married characters in a life consisting of boring routines and living their life together without much to do; that is up until they encounter an odd couple much younger than they and also more interesting. This is to show that though we grow older life can still be adventurous and the young can be inviting.


If you’d like to read more of Ron Rash’s book, “Serena” click the title of the book for a sneak peak. 


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