Mac Cinderella Lipstick Swatches!

Hello friends, MAC cosmetics collaborated once again with Disney and released the Cinderella Collection today in stores! (US) as far as I know. I honestly wasn’t so impressed with the entire collection but I did fall in love with both lipsticks in the collection.


mac cinderella

I picked up both lipsticks, and I knew before purchasing these lipsticks that the entire collection was leaning towards people who have  fair skin. Cinderella has really fair skin so it makes sense that the collection revolves around that type of skin tone. I’m a NC37 on Mac and these lipsticks barely pass as wearable for me. I did create a couple of wearable looks with these lipsticks (if you’re going to use them) a lot of people buy them because their collectors, I buy them because I want to wear them. Although the packaging on these lipsticks is totally adorable!!!

mac cinderella lipstick

mac cinderella packaging

HOW CUTE IS THE PACKAGING!!! The lipstick on the outside is this pastel blue with purple shimmer. The tube of the lipstick when you open it is gold instead of silver!!! It’s gorgeous! I’m really happy with the packaging.

Free As A Butterfly and Royal Ball

mac cinderella

I couldn’t get any good pictures, as I tried to photograph them both on natural light (weather has been gloomy), I couldn’t bring myself to take bad photos and upload them so I’m showing you the Mac website’s photo. I do have to say the picture is a bit misleading. First both lipsticks are Lustre so they go on the lips super sheer! Free As A Butterfly is more a plain nude rather  than a pinky nude as it appears in the picture. There is gold sparkles in the lipstick. Royal Ball is not as pink in the picture but it’s a very muted nude pink. (You will see with my swatches below)

“Free As A Butterfly”

Free As A Butterfly lipstick

“Royal Ball”

royal ball lipstick

Both pictures above are the lipstick swatches without any lip liner or gloss on top of the  lipstick. My lips were very chapped in the pictures but over all I really liked the lipsticks. Royal Ball barely passes as wearable alone on my skin tone. “Free As A Butterfly” on the other hand would look best with something on top or a liner.

“Royal Ball” paired up with Jordana’s “Rock N’ Rose” lip liner.

royal ball with lipliner

I just loved this lip combo when I created it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. My favorite lip combination EVER! It’s not too nude and it’s not too pink. YES. Totally more wearable now!

“Free As A Butterfly” paired up with Nyx “850 Nectar” lip liner free as a butterfly with linerI fell in love with this combination too. The “Free As A Butterfly” lipstick has tiny speckles of gold in it and when I was thinking to myself, which lip liner could go with the lipstick? I though of Nyx Nectar because the lip liner too has specks of gold glitter. This combo reminds me of a lighter version of Mac’s LE “Who’s That Chic” lipstick.

There’s more lip combinations you can create with these lipsticks, for instance I loved Royal Ball with Tarte’s lip surgence in Joy. These lipsticks are beautiful on their own, the pictures don’t give them enough credit. I will say that if you have medium to deep skin tone, these lipsticks would appear better with a lip liner!

Have you picked up anything from MAC’s Cinderella?








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