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Ron Rash’s book Serena is a story to dig deep in to with all the thrill and drama from the 1930s storyline setting and this upcoming film directed by Susanne Bier can already be speculated to be an incredible watch.

Serena Pemberton the story’s protagonist is played by Jennifer Lawrence and with her again comes Bradley Cooper playing her husband, George Pemberton. This newlywed couple have the dream set in plan and as they move to North Carolina for their destined search to create an empire, their marriage drags along to dark places deep within the mountains.

Serena is greedy, she is inexperienced in the business of timber but she finds her way and quickly manages to be better than the men around her; she is not like other women. Serena knows of her capabilities to manipulate and uses them to her advantage but the rise of her business is not everything till she comes to learn that she will never bear a child. With an undeniable hate for George’s infidelity she decides to go after the son he had with another woman , Rachel Harmon. The marriage that was supposed to be glued with the same hopes and dreams begins to get exposed for all their faults and secrets and Serena will not let anything ruin her success.

Jennifer Lawrence can play crazy quite well as we all saw in the movie,  American Hustle for many great movies she has shown the various types of characters she can play so I believe that she will do an incredible job with this character. Manipulative and greedy as Serena is Jennifer Lawrence can do it!

Having seen the great chemistry that Lawrence and Cooper have on screen I have no doubt that their characters will wow us all.

This film is set to come out this year! Updates on future trailers will be posted soon.



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