Nyc BB Creme 5 in 1 Review

I’ve been purchasing NYC items lately. NYC is the part of the drug store that I always pass over, and I decided to give some of their products a try. One of those products is the NYC BB Creme.

nyc bb creme


nyc bb creme

The BB Creme was coming off.

nyc bb creme

My skin is normal to dry. This BB creme gave me an oily nose. 😦


I have normal to dry skin and applying this BB cream gave me an overall oily face.

If you couldn’t tell by the pictures above, my review on this NYC BB Cream is NOT GOOD. My skin felt and was super oily. My skin is normal to dry. The BB Cream came on patchy on the skin, and did not last on the skin at all. The consistency of the product is very light weight. The BB Cream smells like sunscreen which is a nice smell in my opinion. On the bottle of the BB Cream it mentions it provides 5 in 1 actions (helps protect skin, minimizes pores, minimizes fine lines, smooth skin and brightens skin). Out of all the 5 things it said it did, I did not notice any of those on my skin. If my skin is normal to dry I wonder how this product applies/looks on oily skin my guess is not that good either. I was disappointed in this product because I had high hopes for it, but for the price (not more than $5) I’m glad it didn’t burn a huge hole in my pocket for this.


The next NYC products that I will be reviewing are the NEW NYC Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stains!


Have any of you tried this BB Cream? I’m curious to know how it worked out for others? If you have please let me know!





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