Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions

I asked on FB what us women really want for V-Day to make it easier for men to find us a gift. I hope I don’t bet BS from this post by saying “oh you shouldn’t expect a gift or it should be what men want to gift you” but seriously how can you not expect a gift.


We just really want …….

a Spa Day: Tell me what woman doesn’t want to pamper herself? This is an excellent gift for a woman, especially if you have kids. Alone time + relaxation+ wine= perfect gift

spa day

Jewelry: Another popular answer I received when I asked on FB was Jewelry. Women want jewelry! It doesn’t have to be expensive but it would be nice if we received you know a ring, earrings or a necklace. James Avery and Tiffany & CO. would be nice…or even something from Macy’s or Kay Jewelers.


tiffanys heart ring

Image via Tiffany & CO.


Perfume: Fragrances like Dolce & Gabana Light Blue, Marc Jacons Daisy, DKNY (Green Apple), Chloe, Chanel Chance, Clinique Happy, J’adore by Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren Romance just to name a couple of  favorites.dolce

a nice handbag – Handbags from Kate Spade, Tory Burch or Coach won’t burn a hole in your wallet. If you DO have the money to splurge on your woman…there’s also brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton lol.


A Bouquet of Roses and Strawberry Covered Chocolates



a Dinner Date- Just make sure you have reservations, on V-Day w/o a reservation you will spend a lot of time waiting for a table!

Dinner Date

and if you’re a single woman on V-Day don’t feel sorry for yourself. V-Day is not only the once in a single year kind of day for lovers…you can also celebrate the love you have around you..whether it’s from family, friends or yourself. “Love yourself first”.



Thank you to all the women who commented on FB for this post! Like and share…maybe the men will see this and have a clue on what to gift you for this year’s Valentine’s Day! Also if there’s something I missed feel free to comment below.


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