Wet N’ Wild Fergie Velvet Matte Lip Color

Guys, I can’t even begin to explain the HUGE disappointment I have towards these new Fergie Matte crayons. I was so excited to try these because they’re new products and Fergie items from WNW are usually a huge hit. I own some lipsticks from the Fergie line and I love them. The packaging on these crayons are matte black with the color of the product on the top. I thought the packaging was nice. The HUGE miss for me was when I opened 3 of the 5 crayons to find them all falling out of the packaging. I couldn’t even swatch them 😦wet n wild fergie matte crayons

From the other two that weren’t broken, they seemed to have pretty pigmentation. The matte crayons on some of them weren’t fully matte. DJ Doll has more of a sheen to it, some of them seemed more creamy than others. If all of the Matte crayons are like this, they are not worth getting. I would say pass on these. If you want to give them a try  go ahead and be very gentle with them because they seem to break easily. All of the crayons that I purchased were completely sealed. I’m guessing it’s the formula that they have that they break SO easily. I didn’t even get the chance to swatch them because as soon as I opened them they fell off. I’m so disappointed with them because the colors looked very gorgeous.

If you purchased a Fergie Matte Crayon, please comment below and tell me your experiences with this product? Should I give them another chance? – Ami


7 responses to “Wet N’ Wild Fergie Velvet Matte Lip Color

  1. I bought 6 of these and omg they are awful!! 2 of mine broke also! and I just opened them yesterday and 2 were already broken! I am doing my blog review myself and I googled them to see if it was just me, but nope!

    They also do not show up on your lips! Putting foundation on my lips helped some but I have so many lip products I love, that I’m not even wasting my time on these!

    • Wow!!! Thank you so much for commenting. I didn’t even get to swatch them to see how the product applied to the lips. The colors looked very good. It’s rare when I don’t like a Wet N’Wild product. Now that you commented that the same happened to you, I’m %100 sure it’s the formula of the product.

  2. I bought a crayon in Plumgenue, and it didnt match the product swatch. It was like a dark raspberry, but still pretty. like a magenta that is actually flattering, but way too pink to be plum. Too bad because I wanted my lips to look plummy, like the swatch.

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