Nyc Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer Review

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing the “Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer” from Nyc. Nyc is a very affordable brand that is found in drugstores or in chain stores like Wal-Mart or Target. I personally like a few products from Nyc, it’s usually a hit and miss with this brand but costing a few bucks I usually don’t mind with the misses. I really enjoy their City Proof Twistable Crayons! 🙂


I picked up this primer because it was incredibly cheap and I want to limit using my Smashbox primer because let’s be honest it’s EXPENSIVE. At least for me it is. I also picked it up because I prefer using my Smashbox primer for special events or when I’m going to wear makeup all day. I thought this product would be perfect for my “school” days.

NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer

On to the REVIEW!

I applied a nickel size amount to the palm of my hands and applied to my face. First thing I noticed was the texture. It’s not creamy where the product stays still, it’s a little runny but not to the point where it’s everywhere. To me it smells like a lotion with no scent. It feels amazing on your face too btw. When I applied the product on my face I immediately noticed my face had a natural looking JLO glow. I was so impressed with the subtle glow. The glow didn’t look unnatural at all. I just swatched the primer on my hand to smell it, and I noticed it has specks of glitter which explains the glow. The specks are tiny though, when you apply the primer on your face you won’t notice it (which is a good thing).

nyc smooth perfecting primer

You can barely see how it has the specks of glitter.


that natural glow tho

No makeup on. NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer only on face. That natural glow tho


I applied it at noon and around 2pm I checked on my makeup and everything was perfectly fine. I even sneezed and my foundation stayed in place! SCORE!

I checked again at 4pm and the makeup was in place and I was happy with how my makeup looked.

Finally around 5:45-6:00pm I noticed that around my T-Zone (for head and nose area) were looking a bit oily. I took off my makeup around that time so It was ok with me.



Results: This is a good inexpensive primer if you want something that will last for a couple of hours for school or a part-time job. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you want something to last all day because this product lasted at the most 5 1/2 hours. You can always apply a powder after your foundation to make it last longer. For the price of the NYC Primer I would say it’s worth the try if you want your makeup to last for about 5 hours, it’s a decent primer that gives you a nice glow. NOTE: It does leave your skin oily at the end of a 5hr wear. Overall I was really impressed with this Primer! I can’t wait to try new Nyc Products!


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