Simple Frozen inspired Eye look

If you’re one of the many people who is sick of Frozen, this tutorial may not be for you.

I attended a Frozen birthday party and decided to create a very simple Frozen inspired makeup look. At first I was looking on the internet for inspired looks for me to re-create (this was never intended to be a post) but I found that all of the Frozen makeup looks were leaning more towards Halloween makeup. I created this look that to me is more wearable for an adult or teenager who just wants to have fun with their makeup look while attending a Frozen party. I got a lot of compliments on the look so I thought I’d share. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a makeup artist, I am just simply a makeup lover.



I decided to use the colors that are used in Frozen and incorporate them with the eye look.

ami garza frozen inspired

The finished Frozen inspired look

ami garza frozen inspired eye look

Frozen inspired eye look ami garza

Please ignore my foundation sticking to my dry skin

Products Used: Bh Cosmetics Eye’s on the 60’s Palette

Bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette

Jordana  Best Lash Lash Mascara

Milani Shadow Eyez Crayon in Royal Purple

Fantasy Makers Glitter Eyeliner

Mac Cosmetics BB Foundation

Mac Cosmetics Soft & Gentle Highlight

Mac Cosmetics Heroine Lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dark Brown Dip Brow

Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer

1. First thing you do, you prime your eyelids. I used the Lorac Behind the Scened Eye Primer. This is my go to primer, it stays on all day. In fact all the pictures from the look were taken 6 hrs after the makeup was applied.

2. After you prime, you start using the purple shadow on the crease. I used the purple shimmer shadow from the Bh cosmetics Eye’s on the 60’s palette. I used the purple on the first row on the left down ( second to the last on the first row down).

3. After you apply your purple on the crease you then start to blend with a brush back and forth.

BH comsmetics Eyes on the 60's


4. Once you blend on the crease, you start putting Uranus baked shadow from the Bh Cosmetics Galaxy Palette all over the eyelid.

bh cosmetics galaxy chic


5. After you are done applying Uranus of the eyelid, you want to apply Comet from the same palette and dab it on to the inner corner of your eye.

6. After step 5 is done you want to start blending both Uranus and the purple together. Once you blend, you can intensify the purple on the crease, which is what I did. I wanted the purple to stand out so I re-applied more purple and blended. Key Word: BLEND.

7. Once you re-apply the purple you can dab Uranus once more on the eyelid. On the highlight for my eye I used the cream color from the Bh Eye’s on the 6o’s palette. Once you do that you are done with shadow.

8.On the waterline I used a black liner from Nyx. Make sure you don’t use too much black liner because once you are done with the black liner you go over your water line with the Milani Shadow Eyez crayon in Royal Purple.

9. After the liner on the waterline is done, I started to apply a thin layer of silver glitter on top of the shadow from Fantasy Makers. You can find any glitter liner in Walgreens or the Dollar store.

10. Apply desired mascara, my go to mascara is the Jordana Best Lash Extreme.

11. Fill in brows (desired) I used Anastasia Beverly Hills on Dark Brown.

12. I used Prune Lip Liner from Nyx and for lipstick I used Mac Cosmetics Heroine Lipstick

13. Applied my BB cream foundation

14.I highlighted my face with Mac Cosmetics Soft & Gentle. (optional)

So there you have it folks. This was unexpected but I really fell in love with this simple eye look. I think anyone can re-create this look and have fun with it. I definitely think this eye look is more wearable to Frozen parties! Make sure to like and comment on this post, i’d appreciate it!- Ami



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