Maybelline Rebel Bloom Lilac Flush Lipstick Swatch

Maybelline released the Rebel Bloom lipstick collection and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! Again like the Milani Matte collection the Maybelline display was close to empty. I grabbed the last Lilac Flush lipstick, which grabbed my attention. I haven’t seen a lot of lilac lipsticks at the drugstore, so I knew I had to grab this one. The rest of the collection looked very beautiful with most of the colors looking Spring ready with pastel colors. The collection has 10 new lipsticks. I wasn’t able to see this collection on the Maybelline website, on the meantime you can take a look at the collection in stores at Walgreens or CVS. Online, I found them on Ulta!

lilac flush in natural light


Lilac Flush with Flash

Lilac Flush With Flash

 In Natural Light: Note for some reason the lipstick looks a lot more pink of me. I’ve seen this lipstick color on fair skin (I’m medium) and it looks more lilac on fair skin. Maybe it’s just me but I see a bit more pink than lilac.

lilac flush

With Flash

lilac flush with flash

I’m in love with this lipstick and in general Maybelline lipsticks! This collection consists of pastel colors that don’t look clownish, they look and feel very wearable. Well done Maybelline!


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