Merry Christmas!!!!

Aide & I wanted to wish all of our followers and readers a Merry Christmas!! I hope your day will be  filled with joy!

Christmas has always been a day for gifts, but I think the most important gift we all have is the gift of having friends and family. That may sound corny but it’s the truth. Let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas!- Ami


Every Christmas , MANY MANY artists release their own versions of Christmas songs and I wanted to share  a few of my current favorites!


 I know it’s Mariah’s song but have you heard their vocals?!? Giving a shout out to my girl Ally Brooke Hernandez who is from my home town, you’re KILLING IT! All the girls sound AMAZING!





I love WHAM! It’s such a classic Christmas song! I love it!


This song brings so many good memories of when I was in Elementary and I had to sing to this song in choir!


Andy William’s classic song reminds me of Christmas shopping!


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