Looking Back 2014 (New Year’s Eve!)

2013 New Year’s Eve Picture: I swear I don’t do the duck face all the time.

2013 new years eve   It seems just like yesterday I was writing my Looking Back 2013 post! Is it just me  or did this year went by so quickly? Hmm… This post contains a few of the many memories I obtained this year. If I could write about every single thing that happened this year, this post would be too long.

June 2014: My not so little brother’s graduation from H.S. I’m so proud of my little brother for finishing H.S, this day  was unforgettable. I love him so much even though he is such a pain!

Cris graduating

Hanging out with Stephanie more than once this year. Stephanie is family and she’s one of the few people in the world who I can open up to. Plus it’s always a blast catching up with her and her beautiful daughter Aubree.


October 2014: I saw Ringo Starr in concert, that day I completed seeing 1/2 The Beatles.

ringo ringo and paul  mccatyney

Halloween Night: Hanging with co-owner/editor Aide on Halloween! I always learn something new with her. IMG_4436

December 2014: My sister’s Graduation. Claudia obtained her Bachelor’s Degree!

claudia graduating

Throughout the year hanging out with these kids who have filled my heart with pure joy!

ryan and me bby adrian and me

Missing pictures with Heidi, Ethan, Jayden & Aubree ! I just love these kids so much.

June 2014- SA Spurs WINNING their 5th NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!! I’m SO HAPPY FOR MY TEAM. I love them so much, they’re basically family. I’ve been watching the Spurs/NBA since I could ever remember. 

October- Seeing I-G-G-Y in Houston for my sister’s Birthday! I’ve never been to a hip-hop concert. She looks like a barbie in person. 

IMG_4433 claudia and i

December- Finishing the last MATH I WILL EVER TAKE with a B! Also passing all my classes this semester. 


I’m deeply saddened for the loss of my uncle who passed away Nov.1 2014. A loss is always tough to overcome but my family and I are getting through it. It’s difficult to comprehend that he won’t be there in family gatherings and events. I also want to take the time to remember  all the lives that were taken this year. There has been many tragic events that occurred in 2014 in the U.S and the world. Even though we don’t write about the serious stuff, were still listening and hoping for a better tomorrow for everyone.   I hope you all have an amazing New Year’s Eve! Cheers! Here’s to 2015!


2 responses to “Looking Back 2014 (New Year’s Eve!)

  1. Love that picture of us! Ami I’m so jelly of how creative you are to put together things like this lol.

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