DIY Limecrime Serpentina Lipstick

I’ve been longing for Limecrime’s Serpentina lipstick for a while now, I just can’t justify spending $20 + shipping for one item. Not to mention I have this hate-love relationship with Limecrime and their slow shipping.


Limecrime’s Serpentina






I decided to “try” to recreate the lipstick, and to my surprise I succeeded. I am excited to show you all step by step on how you can re-create the green lipstick!


First you will need a black lipstick as the base on your lips. You can use any type of lipstick, if you don’t own a black lipstick there is a Wet N’ Wild Fergie collection black lipstick that is affordable. I will be using my Nyx Macaron Black lipstick. If you can’t purchase the black lipstick it’s okay you can use black eyeliner. Once you fill and line your lips with black lipstick/eyeliner you’re ready for the next step.


I used the matte deep green first and them the shimmery green.

I used the matte deep green first and them the shimmery green.


Second you need to have something close to a deep matte green eye shadow. The only green eye shadow I owned was from the “Eyes on the 60’s” Palette from BH Cosmetics. The darker the green shadow the better. If you don’t own the BH palette, there is other alternatives. I’ve seen Wet N’ Wild with deep green shades along with Elf! Once you pat the matte green shadow with a brush or your finger on your lips, the next and last step will be adding a tiny layer of a green shadow with shimmer/glitter on top of your black and green lips.


After you follow the steps, you are done! Isn’t it so similar to Limecrime’s Serpentina? I think so! What do you guys think?







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