Calvin Klein One Mascara

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and as a birthday gift if you’re an Ulta Rewards member they give you a free Calvin Klen One Full Size Mascara. It is totally free to join the Ulta Rewards Program which  you can join online or in store here.


This mascara is probably the fanciest mascara I’ve ever tried next to the Chanel mascara. Sorry for the blurry picture, my camera didn’t want to focus.


The picture above is how the wand looks like.




Oh, the mascara has this thing where you can twist the top of the mascara so that the wand could twist too! I thought that was pretty neat, it helps get all the lashes. The only thing is that when I tried to twist the wand and apply the mascara I had to use both hands and it was pretty difficult. It’s a great idea, I just wish you were able to access that feature with one hand. Overall I was impressed with this mascara, It didn’t flake or smudge… It gave my lashes length and volume! The best thing about it was the fact that the mascara didn’t irritate my eyes! Score. You can find this mascara at Ulta here for $18.00


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