Maybelline “The Nudes Palette” swatches

This palette is part of Maybelline’s Permanent collection, with this palette being so hard to find you’d think it was Limited Edition. This palette took me a good couple of weeks to find. Everywhere I would go to try to find it ,was sold out. This palette that I was able get my hands on was the last palette Walgreens had.




In Natural Light

With Flash


I haven’t tried this product on my eyes so I can’t say if they blend well. I can say that the lighter shades barely appear on my skin I have a medium skin tone.  The matte shades on this palette seem a bit chalky. The shimmer shadows are okay, they aren’t “good” they are just okay. If you’re looking for a drug store palette I wouldn’t automatically recommend you this palette. I’m not impressed with this palette but im not completely disappointed with it either. You get 12 shadows and you can certainly create a day and night look with this palette. The shimmer shades are more pigmented than the matte ones. I think you can definitely find better drug store shadows than this Maybelline palette that’s for sure.  Do you own this palette? Do you love or loath it?


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