Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy

gel envy I’ve been keeping my eye out for this nail polish for the longest time! If you saw a past Mani Monday, you’d know I wouldn’t pay over $5 for a nail polish, I’d rather just go to a nail salon. One of my good friends Dora took me to the drug store and told me to get anything I wanted for my birthday and I immediately thought of this gorgeous polish. Dora bought me this polish and grabbed one for herself. This polish is bout $7.99 and it had a coupon of get one get another half off and you can better believe we used the darn coupon!! This nail polish is called “440 Wild Card”.


This polish seemed a little bit too watery. When I applied one coat it went all over the place. Before I tried to apply the polish again to the nail I had to swipe the excess polish from the applicator brush. I only used one coat to get full coverage on the nail, with one swipe you have great coverage and color. The picture on the right is my nails on the third day. The polish was chipping right off my nails, rapidly. I was quite surprised with the chipping of the polish so fast. This nail polish says it has Color + Base and it does. It just doesn’t last long. After I finished painting my nails I was so giddy that my nails looked like I just had come from a nail salon. I love the color and the way the nails look just after you apply the polish on. I just didn’t like the fact that they chipped off so quickly. I thought the point of this polish was for the nail color to last long with a gel finish. I won’t be purchasing any more of these in the future. I will stick to either going to a salon or buying cheaper nail polishes.


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