Rising Artist To Watch: Meghan Trainor

bassMeghan Trainor is a 20-year-old singer- song writer who recently released her debut single “All About That Bass” that has hit viral throughout the world. When I first heard this song I thought to myself  “Wow that’s refreshing” . Meghan Trainor came out with this song in a time where we needed to hear something original in today’s radio. Not only is the song original, it is also about a subject that not many people have the courage to sing or talk about in the industry.Every pop song today sounds generic and if you ask me, this song is completely original. This song is about loving your  body and embracing your body type. In the song she does say “I’m bringing booty back, go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that” but right after she says that  lyric she mentions she’s joking. I’ve seen negative comments about that certain lyric and I just thought I should mention the part where she says she is joking. I personally like the song, I think its original and refreshing for today’s pop music. Meghan states that soca music is a major influence to her, along with 50’s music and Christina Aguilera. I can’t wait to see what other songs she releases!

If you haven’t heard “All About That Bass” enjoy the fabulous song and video!


I mentioned Meghan in Twitter and she favorited my tweet…I kinda geeked out 🙂


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