Milani Single Eyeshadow Swatches

These Milani Eye-Shadows recently came out and I decided to grab a few to try them out. I picked up three shadows in the colors; Bella Gold, Bella Black & Bella Navy. The reason why I chose these three colors were because I knew I was going to get good use from them.

milani single eyeshadows

The packaging is similar to the blushes from Milani. I love the packaging it’s so cute and chic. Overall happy with the packaging with the shadows.


The Shadows say they are “Gel Powder Shadows” but to me, they don’t feel anything gel like. If I had to describe Gel like products the Maybelline Color Tattoos would come in mind. They don’t feel all that powdery though.

Milani eye-shadow


The picture above is the shadows swatched without any kind of primer. The black shadow is a bit chalky, but it’s very buildable. The Gold and Navy Shadow are pigmented, but wait until I show you the picture with primer….


WOWZER! Yeah these shadows work best WITH A PRIMER. How beautiful do they look with a Primer…Uh…I can’t…Even…AHHHH. You will love these shadows with a primer, the vibrancy and the texture with primer is to die for. I love these shadows so much with primer. I know i’m over using the word primer, but just look at the picture with and without it. I used the Fergie Eye Primer, and you can use any primer and you will get similar results. Each single shadow cost $3.99 each.  I can’t wait to see how they work on the eyes. Have you picked up any Milani Single Shadows? 🙂


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