Bleachers Strange Desire Album Review


Sorry T-Swift but this Indie Record is MUCH COOLER than yours, yeah I went there. I’m not an expert at Indie music, but I recently fell in love with BLEACHERS. Bleachers was created by Jack Antonoff who is a member of Steel Train and the guitarist for the  band FUN. Before I get into the album review, I just have to say that it pisses me off when people say that electronic music is not “real music” because it doesn’t contain any real instruments. To me it’s real music if it contains meaningful lyrics.  Bleachers debut album “Strange Desire” was released on Itunes and stores on July 15. Bleachers gained popularity with their hit single “I Wanna Get Better”. ” I Wanna Get Better” instantly became one of my favorites from Bleachers, along with the rest of their album.  I can honestly say I cannot wait for more Bleachers music. If you’re into Indie Pop music you will love Bleachers. As if I needed another reason to love Jack Antonoff’s music he is currently in a relationship with Girls’ Lena Dunham, which means that he must be really cool since you know Lena is really cool . Yes, I just geeked out over Lena Dunham. Sue me.

I will mark a * to the songs that I think are a MUST LISTEN * 🙂

  • Track 01- Wild Heart – “To think everything must die for anyone to matter ,Got to find anyway to your wild heart

I will find anyway to your wild heart” This track is one of my favorites from this album. It’s a nice feel good song. It’s a must from this album. I love how sweet and melodic it is. It’s a simple song, with sweet lyrics.

* Track 02-RollerCoaster- ” So come a little closer There is something I could tell ya, You are such a rollercoaster
And a killer queen you are Rollercoaster, I don’t say no Rollercoaster, When you don’t say no, And it’s such a rollercoaster Some killer queen you are” 
This song is just on my everyday playlist. I can’t stop listening to this song, I just LOVE IT SO MUCH. It’s the lyrics, it’s the fact that I keep banging my head back and forth, it’s the beat, it’s catchy it’s EVERYTHING. Swoon.  This song is basically about the chase. The ups and downs of a messy relationship and the fact  that you know it’s messy but somehow you can’t stay away from that person.

* Track 03-Shadow-“If you’re feeling small, I’ll love your shadow And if you’re feeling small
I’ll love your shadow. There are those girls,Those girls that are waiting by the phone on the weekend
Oh yeah, like those boys, those boys that are home with the broken hearts .But the heart wants fear
So we’re looking for a villain. I’ll be there. 
This song when it first begins makes you want to dance, and  it has a nice upbeat to it. Again, very catchy lyrics with Bleachers. This song is basically about being in a place where you don’t want to fall in love due to fear, but the person who loves you reassuring you that he will be there no matter what. That’s my impression from the song, and it’s a very sweet message at that.

 *Track 04-I Wanna Get Better-This song is a must listen. I can’t even begin to explain this song. The title is pretty much self explanatory. To me the song is about “getting better” as a person, and or getting better in a relationship or even life. The song is a bit depressing when you listen to the lyrics but it’s a depressing song that makes you feel better, or at least tries to make you feel better. This song has a great hook.My favorite lyric is “ In a blaze of fear I put a helmet on a helmet ,Counting seconds through the night and got carried away, So now I’m standing on the overpass screaming at the cars,”Hey, I wanna get better!” This lyric to me, sounds like something I have done in the past, instead of facing my fears, I stray away from them and ignore them or cover them “put a helmet on a helmet”.  Check out the music video here.

* Track 05- Wake Me- A soft sweet song, yet again. A song about falling in love, and not wanting  the love to end. “Right from the start I knew You’d set a fire in me And I’d rather be sad with you ,Than anywhere away from you …I can’t believe I captured your heart”

Track 06-Reckless Love- “So give me a chance to remember what I’ve given up to defend ya that I burned my dreams away to stand in the broken shadows of your reckless love, your thankless love, your restless love, a thankless love
your reckless love’s a thankless love”  
Okay maybe all the songs are love songs, or about losing love.  Jack, you’re such a sweet heart.

*Track 07-Take Me Away-  This song features vocals from Grimes which gives the song a very haunting feel to it. Better off before you, alone I’m waiting to find out . Love will wake us, love won’t break us .Love will take you and if I can find, find a way out of myself again”

*Track 08-Like A River Runs-“When I fall asleep I can see your face, What I lost in you I will not replace
And I could run away, I could let them down .But I will remember your light” 
This song is probably one of my favorites from this album. This song is just brilliant. Everything from the beat to the lyrics is just good. It’s such a catchy sweet tune!

Track 09-You’re Still A Mystery-Man I was feeling like I never was young, Followed a dream and a strange desire. You picked me up in the dead of the night and gave me a chance to move on inside of your mystery”  I love how most of the album is electronic but with a twist.

This album is definitely a Road Trip Album that should stay on repeat! I can’t believe how much I love this album, I recommend this album so much, I can’t wait to hear future Bleachers music! I would rate this album 4.5 out of 5!


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