August Movies

Guardians of the Galaxy

The best group of misfits the galaxy has ever seen is now playing! Peter Quill gathers a group of rebellious aliens to save the universe and keep the orb safe from villainous hands. They’re known to bend the rules and this time they’ll be making their own rules as they go for the safety of everyone; being bad is the way only way to go.

If I Stay

Life can flee in seconds but for Mia Hall there will be a choice, all the memories, the heartbreaks, struggles, and moments of happiness that have been lived will lead her to take this decision into her own hands. She had a choice of choosing a world with her passion for music and a choice to follow and become a part of the adventures her true love offered but when reality strikes she must decide on the biggest choice she will ever have. The question lies in “If I Stay”

The Hundred-Foot Journey

The culinary styles of India come to a village in the South of France with the cultures of India in every bite but not all will be delighted in the turns this restaurant will create, for one  restaurateur the new neighbors will be uninviting to her simple styles of French cuisine.

Love Is Strange

Ben and George become one when they get married after 39 years, unfortunately their lives are distanced when they have no other choice but to live separately far from their home that they can no longer afford in Manhattan. The test of their relationship and the friendships they make with their new roommates evolve in this lovely movie






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