My Birthday & Other Stuff

Hey Guys, so I just turned 21 on the 14th of July! I don’t know why it really wasn’t a huge deal for me, but for other people turning 21 is a big deal. Nevermind I do know why 21 wasn’t a huge deal for me. First it’s because I don’t go to the clubs or drink heavily. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy having a couple of drinks but honestly I could care less about drinking.



What did I do for my birthday? I worked and went to school. I guess that’s what being a young adult feels like. When you grow up it’s like it doesn’t matter as much as when you were a kid. My boss let me out of work an hour early and I went home and slept. So basically my birthday gift was to take a nap, which in grown up world that is worth so much. After I took my nap I was overwhelmed with Birthday messages on Twitter and Facebook from friends! It was very nice to know that people care about you.



My mother gifted me some money and I had saved a couple of bucks so I decided to spoil myself, so I did. Check out some cool stuff I purchased.


La Creme Lipstick

Too Faced: Creme De La Creme Lipstick


I lined all the products down below to the sites where you can find these items!

Nyx Butter Gloss, Maybelline Master Bronze , Nyx Cream, Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette, Wet N Wild Fergie Lipstick, Essence Metal Glam Shadow, Nyx Round ipsticks, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Maybelline Color Tattoo & Jordana Extreme Voluminous Mascara.




All items are linked below.

Freeman Mask in Charcoal & Black Sugar( I also grabbed the Blue Dead Sea Minerals but gave it to my cousin to test out ) , Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick which I wrote a post for here, my free Sephora Makeup forever gift, Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bauhau5, my free Calvin Klein full size mascara that I received from Ulta, Flower  watch from Ebay, both pair of earrings from Sam Moon, Olsenboyle Sunglasses and the Lennon inspired sunglasses from Ebay.


I also bought some stuff from the Container Store that I will be posting as a haul probably by the beginning of August. I know all these stuff seems a lot, but I had been saving money and some of this stuff I received free…oh and I splurged because it was my birthday!!!! It’s rare if I buy multiple high end items all at once, I love my drugstore makeup.



I think I will be posting some posts on various items that I acquired. Oh and one more thing guys…. I went blonde!?!??!? sort of.. hhehehheami garza blonde

What do ya’ll think about my new look? I’m not too convinced with the color or cut. I’m not used to light hair.


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