Ebay Liquid Lipsticks “MeNow” Review and Swatches

I found out about these lip products online when a girl swore these were legit. I did my own research on the products and a lot of girls mentioned that they stayed on all day and they were hard to remove which in my opinion is a good thing. With lip products you want them to last very long. I purchased just about all of the available colors online on Ebay. I will list the seller down below if anyone is interested…if you are leave a comment. These liquid lipsticks aren’t described as “liquid lipsticks” on ebay, they say “lipgloss” but they’re nothing like a lipgloss.

I tried swatching them from darkest to lightest.



These liquid lipsticks don’t come with names on them, they come with numbers on them. Their wand to apply the product on the lips looks exactly like a liquid lipstick from Limecrime or a Kat Von D liquid wand. The smell on these lipsticks are not the best, but they’re not so bad. To me these lipsticks smell like plastic, or like fake makeup that dollar stores have for young girls (if that makes any sense to you). For the most part the darkest lip colors stayed the longest on my lips. These lip products were over drying in my lips because my lips are very dry. When I applied a chap stick before the liquid lipstick I saw that the lip product lasted longer. If you have very dry lips these will be very drying on you and won’t last that long. If you have moisturized lips these will be very long lasting on you.They are very pigmented but they don’t compare to the high end liquid lipsticks. These have a lot of potential, and they get the work done. I would give them a try and not purchase the light colors. The dark reds and pinks are my favorite and are very gorgeous on. I loved almost all of them except for #01, #15 #14 & 24. If you give these a try, leave a comment below or let me know if you’d like a link for this purchase.


9 responses to “Ebay Liquid Lipsticks “MeNow” Review and Swatches

  1. I really like this lipstains. They are cheap and they last all day long on my lips. I think the variety of colors is amazing too.

  2. Do you know the ingredients in these? They come from China and my fear is that they are loaded with lead to get those vibrant colors. I really don’t want that poison!!!

    • these are in compliance with US cosmetics regulations and they were approved by the FDA. The ingredients are Isododecane (good)
      acrylamide copolymer (alright)
      kaolin (good)
      styrene-ethelyne/propylene (stablizer)
      cetearyl alcohol (okay)
      cera microcristallina (alright)
      methylparaben (alright)
      And assorted color additives. All the ingredients are also used in the US ๐Ÿ™‚

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