Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in “Poe” Review+ Lip Swatch!

Hey guys, I apologize for the lack of posts! I won’t be posting regularly (3 posts a week) until late August. My computer is acting up, it probably got a virus and it’s very difficult for me to upload photos and complete a post. I’m currently posting on my IPad which is not the best. . Thank you for understanding and I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming posts!

So Kat Von D has been teasing us with her new line of lipsticks, and a select few shades have been recently launched at Sephora. I managed to get my hands on Poe. I loved this color because it’s unlike anything that I own and it just looked very beautiful. Last time I checked online at Sephora most of the shades were sold out. You can go online and check out the rest of the shades, they’re so gorgeous.

The lipstick was creamy and very matte. The lipstick contains specks of glitter and when you put this lipstick on your lips you can feel the glitter. But it’s not too harsh on the lips. The lipstick lasts very long and when I gave myself a kiss on my hand hardly any product came off. This lipstick color and formula is very impressive. I’m so glad I didn’t purchase any of the old lipsticks because I’m very happy with the new packaging and formula. Oh and I also heard around the internet that Kat Von D will be having a set of mini lipsticks of this collection for the Holidays! I hope that rumor is true, I would love to own the mini sizes of all the lipsticks!

20140722-135858-50338365.jpg This is with flash and without flash of the Poe Lipstick. Do you love or loath the lipstick color?


3 responses to “Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in “Poe” Review+ Lip Swatch!

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  2. Love it! I bought ‘Archangel’ and though I love it I can get almost the same look from Cover Girl Lip Perfection ‘Burn’ + a brown Rimmel twist-up lipliner called ‘Epic’. And Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner ‘Ocean Deep’ = ‘Poe’ for a fraction of the cost. Add black eyeliner or lipstick if you want it darker.

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