June Music Playlist

Every Playlist I make, I don’t take into consideration genres. The songs that I choose are always the one’s who catch my attention the most and are the songs that are replaying in my iPod and in my head! You can hear this playlist on my Spotify account here:http://open.spotify.com/user/amigarza/playlist/147TJgcjdAK2UwDJ3xhbNa

Ed Sheeran- Sing


Was anyone else surprised when they heard this song was from Ed? I was just like “Wait, What? I didn’t believe it until I saw Ed perform Sing in Ellen. I love Ed, this song just proves how versatile he is. Sing is such a catchy- awesome feel good tune. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh SING!

 Nothing’s Wrong-Echosmith


I can’t get enough of Echosmith. Lead Singer Sydney’s voice is so refreshing to hear. I’m so impressed with their songwriting…there’s a lot of artist in the radio who can’t even write a decent song on their own.

 A Sky Full Of Stars-Coldplay


Coldplay always gets better and better thorughout the years. There hasn’t been a song that has ever disappointed me. Chris Martin, you’re incredible singer-songwriter. I love how every time with a new album they sort of re-invent themselves, and it makes them better. Coldplay worked with producers Avicii and Timberland for Ghost Stories.

 Rather Be-Clean Bandit


I love how the band incorporates different instruments into the song and still makes the song very modern. When you think violin, you don’t think “pop song”. It’s so cool how they make a violin sound so cool.  This song is probably one of my favorite songs so far in 2014. I’ve played this song too many times, and I’m not even sorry about it.

 Am I Wrong?- Nico & Vinz


I’m really enjoying reggae being brought back into modern pop music. Who doesn’t love reggae!? I love how this song has a touch of reggae to it. The voice and lyrics are great. It’s such a nice tune. Can’t wait to hear more from Nico & Vinz

Disclosure-Latch/Sam Smith


I’m just obsessed with Sam Smith’s voice, it’s just so beautiful. The beats to it, the rhythm is so good. When Sam Smith goes into the high pitch lyrics, I secretly pretend i’m singing them, hahah.

 Sirens- Cheryl  Lloyd


I love Cheryl Llloyd! I instantly fell in love with her voice as soon as I saw her audition for the UK’s X-Factor! She has such a unique voice, and I think it shows in this song. Love it, can’t get over the song!

Do It Again- Royksopp ft Robyn


Somethin’ Bad-Miranda Lambert ft Carrie Underwood

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Show

Uhm Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood in one song is an instant hit. I didn’t even have to hear the song to know that I would love it. The song is good, and has such a catchy chorus it will make you sing along. Two badasses in one song? Yes, please. I can add Miranda and Carrie to one of my favorite country duos. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE.

On Top Of The World- Imagine Dragons


This song is so unlike “Radioactive & Demons” maybe that’s why I like it so much, it’s not that I don’t like those songs..it’s just I get so happy when I hear artist be so versatile with their music, it’s awesome! This song is awesome to when you wake up, so you can be in a good mood. This song definitely makes me feel happy!



“You’re such a roller coaster, and a killer queen you are”. That lyric is just great. So catchy.

Charli XCX- Boom Clap


“BOOM CLAP! Sound of my heart the beat goes on and on”. This song is featured in “The Fault In Our Stars” soundtrack. I love this song and I’m glad Charli XCX is getting more recognition. Charli is a great pop artist.

Lana Del Rey- Brooklyn Baby


She’s back.


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