City Color Cosmetics: Mineral Eye Shadows , Lipsticks, Blush & Bronzer

I found out about City Color Cosmetics through Instagram. A lot of people were raving about City Color’s new Matte Blushes. City Color is a very affordable makeup brand, they have items ranging from $2-20. I don’t think I’ve seen any of their products for more than $20 dollars which is a very good deal. I’m not sure if they sale their cosmetics in Walgreens, Target, CVS or Rite Aid, but I have seen their cosmetics being sold in chain stores such as Ross or Burlington Coat Factory. City Color Cosmetics offers free shipping with an order of $50+. Sadly they don’t ship worldwide just yet. I am pretty sure you can find their cosmetics in Ebay and Amazon. I went ahead and purchased a couple of items that I want to show you. Let’s take a look!


Sun Kissed Trio Bronzer in Neutral Caramel

Can Be Found Here for $5.99

City Color Cosmetics Bronzer in Neutral Caramel picture by Ami Garza


The Highlight almost reminds me of Nars Albatross. They look fairly similar. The Blush is a mauve color, it almost feels creamy, but it’s not. The pigmentation on the blush and bronzer is okay, you sort of have to bulk it up for it to show. I was most impressed with the highlight.

Mineral Eye Shadow

I found these at Ross for $4.00. I don’t think City Color still sells these shadows, you might be able to find them online or at Ross. The shadows are very pigmented and feel creamy.


Mineral Shadow Swatches

This larger shadow down below, I liked it as a Highlight. It is nice and very pigmented.


City Color City Chic Lipsticks

In their website they describe these lipsticks to be “creamy and hydrating”, and when I tried them on they did just what they were described to be, creamy and hydrating. The pigmentation on these is pretty impressive, with one swipe you can get a rich color all over the lips. The lipstick wasn’t sticky at all. I couldn’t find any type of scent to these, which is good. It’s better for a lipstick to have no scent, rather than a scent you don’t like. If you’re looking for a hydrating lipstick that will last for a couple of hours and leave you with a nice stain, these are for you!

They Can Be Found Here  for $3.99 for each lipstick.


Natural Light


With Flash


B2 One Night Stand


city color cosmetics lipstick

B4 Moulin Rouge


city color cosmetics creamy lipstick

B5 Heartbreaker


city color cosmetics creamy lipstick

The Packaging on top of the Lipsticks (picture down below) is City Color’s Heart Shaped logo which is too cute with the fushia pink on!


If there’s any products I should pick up that are a must, please comment below and let me know! …I really want to try the new Matte Blushes! Two thumbs up for affordable makeup!!!  Whooo hooo another Win! 🙂

You can pick up the lipsticks and bronzer on the website right here!


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