Favorite Summer Necklaces

My top favorite necklaces to wear in the summer!

The four chosen have gone so well with the season and each necklace cost me less than fifteen dollars.

The stores consist of Sam Moon, MMC  (Make Me Chic), and Etsy.

jewlery3One of my most favorites for Spring and Summer is this statement necklace that instantly makes any plain blouse or dress standout above all others.


The easiest necklace to wear in the summer during vacation, it has an urban style to it that is great for beach wear.


Black, silver, and white all compliment each other in this statement flower necklace, it makes something so simple look stylish.

The ultimate Spanish design, I’ve worn this many times for when I choose to use soft tones of brown or blue, it works wonders in the summer.

(Click the links above to check out some of the stores where I found my top four necklaces from this week’s post and month’s past too.)


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