Mac Cosmetics: Limited Edition Lorde Lipstick “Pure Heroine”

I was anticipating the arrival of Mac Cosmetics Limited Edition Lorde “Pure Heroine” for a couple of months, and now that I finally have my hands on it, I’m excited to show you all the swatch of it. Before I start, let me begin by saying that every time there’s a new collection and everyone (I mean you Mac Girls) wants it, it becomes extremely hard to get your hands on the product/lipstick. I am not kidding when I say it’s like the freaken Hunger Games on the night when the collection is released. Yes, I was that crazy girl who stayed up all night for a lipstick, but to me it’s not just another lipstick…all my mac lipsticks are like my children, I love them so much equally hahaah. On to the lipstick…

 Pure Heroine’s finish is an Amplified Lipstick. Amplified lipsticks  are very creamy and very pigmented. One swipe and you have enough color for your entire lips. I really liked the color, but I just wish they would have released in in the fall. PH is a dark plum color, and it doesn’t have summer written all over it.


In Natural Light

 Pure Heroine in Natural light

With Flash On

 Pure Heroine with Flash
Pure Heroine was being compared to Rebel and Heroine, but I don’t think they look similar at all, they’re their own color. Take a look for yourself, down below.

Pure Heroine Compared to Heroine:

Pure Heroine (Left) & Heroine (Right)

Pure Heroine and Heroine


 Pure Heroine Compared to Rebel:

pure heroine compared to rebel


Swatches of all three lipsticks

Rebel (Left) Pure Heroine (Middle) & Heroine (Right)



Lorde’s collaboration with Mac also included a liquid eyeliner. I skipped the eyeliner, but if you’d like it you can find it here. I will say you can still purchase this lipstick on the Mac Cosmetics website and on select Mac Counters. Remember this is a LIMITED EDITION lipstick, so if you want one make sure you purchase before it’s gone! (To my surprise, it didn’t sell out) YOU CAN STILL PURCHASE “Pure Heroine” Here!



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