June Movies

They Came Together 6/26

A great parody of all romantic comedies following an executive on the go to shut down a small candy shop owned by a single and lovely woman named Molly. Their distaste for each other soon turns into love and like all romantic comedies old problems come their way to separate them but in the end we get the great romantic resolution. It is quirky, funny, and hilarious to watch.

Third Person 6/20

This is the interlocking of the lives of three couples in different cities all running away from something. In New York city, a separated couple fight over their child, in Rome a thief hides and finds a gypsy woman, and in Paris we find a distressed writer in the company of a mysterious woman. The mystery of their connections is taunting.

A Coffee In Berlin 6/13

It looks as if this movie not only strikes the tragedy of a lone man but also the comedic side of life. Niko Fischer drops out of university and his travels in Berlin begin there to find oneself and do as what most people do in life…to live.

Anna 6/5

Their is a man who can enter the mind of any person and see their memories as a movie playing out, he helps difficult cases, but none like the one he will take with a strange young girl whose mind is trickier than he has ever seen.

Borgman 6/6

An unsettling man on the run tries to enter the lives of a family any way possible and when he does he starts a psychological terror for each one as the days pass by.


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