Soundtracks From Movies

The soundtracks chosen in this list are from some of the most recent movies otherwise my list would be far much larger since there are so many great soundtracks from past years.

To start it off is …

Les Miserables

What makes this musical so lively is the spontaneity that the directors let the actors have. The music that came with song played live in their ears while they sang, it was both theatrical and raw, one of the best songs that shows this is Anne Hathaway’s solo, I Dreamed A Dream. The cast was inspiring.

They are the voices of a revolution.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower

The soundtrack has some of greatest hits of the 90s and some older hits like The Smiths. As Charlie listens to most of these songs from his sister’s boyfriend’s  mix-tapes, the soundtrack is its own mix-tape, they show the time and the love that Charlie has for music to get him through his depression.

12 Years A Slave

The film has many truths to its story and like the film the music was chosen to express the hardships of the characters, it features great artists like John Legend, Alicia Keys, Chris Cornell featuring Joy Williams from The Civil Wars, and more like them. The songs are raw, the music depicted the story incredibly.

Man Of Steel

Hans Zimmer and L’Orchestra Cinematique orchestrated the awe-inspiring music dedicated to Superman. Elegy is perhaps the song that is most amazing, the language is different, it was created for this song, overall the soundtrack brings hope just like the movie.

The Dark Knight

Hans Zimmer does it again, but unlike other albums this soundtrack is darker, always on tempo with the action-driven scenes, Hans Zimmer plays with the music to its core, it is chaos on edge.


Howard Shore tells Hugo’s adventure in cinematic music capturing the time of Paris and the wild goose chases that he gets into with the vigilant inspector. The clocks play with history and the music rewinds with it.

Harry Potter

For the Harry Potter series there were many composers who took a part of this, one of the best was the very first, John Williams who worked on the first three movies. As the story grew darker so did the music which is why the music took a drastic change after Williams. The greatest fantasy music was here, from childhood to adulthood.


Let It Go won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The film version of the song by Idina Menzel was the best version, the musical attained a top spot in being a # 1 single for that song, the rest of the album was great as well.


Arcade Fire starred their song in this album, When You Know You’re Gonna Die and Song On The Beach were both beautifully done. The contemporary songs in this album are as sad and lonely as the movie felt to be. The soundtrack lets you have your moments of wonder.

The Lord of The Rings

Inspiring and  hopeful, adventure calls for us in the music. Howard Shore composed and orchestrated the music for the trilogy, all pieces were orchestrated specifically for scenes in the movie. Songs of the elves were serene, riding scenes swept us away to be a part of the ride, all songs took a mix of instruments and chorus. The epic adventure begins when the music does.

And finally a peak on what is to come for The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack on June 6!


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