MAC ALLURING AQUATIC (Lipstick Swatches)

MAC Cosmetics recently released  a new collection called Alluring Aquatic. I’m not a collector of Mac or any kind of makeup. I believe you should only buy what you’re going to use. I do have a good amount of makeup, but I can assure you everything I buy I do use, or if I don’t end up using I give away to my cousins. Back to the collection, I had been looking at the leaked photos of this collection for months and I just couldn’t say no to it. This collection released five lipsticks and out of five, I picked up four.The packaging is the most gorgeous thing I have ever  laid eyes on.


Alluring Aquatic lipstick by Ami Garza

Packaging of the Boxes.



Even the lipstick bullets contained water drop effects. Oh and the bullets were also a metallic aqua color.



Lipstick Swatches:


(Note: All these pictures I tried my best to capture them to the natural light)

Enchanted One 

Mac Alluring Aquatic Enchanted One Lipstick BY: Ami Garza

Enchanted One is a matte nude lipstick (the only matte lipstick in this collection). This lipstick is compared to Velvet Teddy and Kinda Sexy from Matte (which I also own)

Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy and Enchanted One by Mac coparison by Ami Garza

Left To Right: Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy and Enchanted One

In my opinion they’re all very different yet similar nude shades. Enchanted One seems like a softer Velvet Teddy and a little less pink than Kinda Sexy.

Pet Me, Please

Pet Me, Please Lipstick by Ami Garza

Pet Me, Please is a Frost lipstick in the Aquatic Collection. Okay, so Pet Me, Please looked like an amazing color on a random girl I saw on Instagram who swatched it. I’m a medium skin tone, and the random Instagram girl had fair skin. I wanted to try it on my medium skin tone in hopes it would look okay on me. I don’t adore this lipstick on my skin tone. I think this lipstick looks amazing on fair skin tones. I’ve seen dupes of this lipstick before it came out with mac. I owned a very similar Revlon lipstick which I can’t remember what it’s called. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend this lipstick for medium to dark complexions. It is wearable for medium to dark skin tones if you line it up with a liner and make the lipstick a bit darker.


Mystical lipstick by mac picture by Ami Garza

This picture doesn’t give the lipstick its proper color. This lipstick looks more Mauve in real life. I didn’t think this lipstick was going to be my favorite, but surprisingly it was. This lipstick is a Cream-sheen.

Goddess Of The Sea

Goddess Of The Sea lipstick by mac picture by Ami Garza

Again, the color in the picture doesn’t give it justice. The color is real life is more like a plum color. This lipstick sort of reminds me of Heroine, Heroine and Goddess Of The Sea could be cousins in the lipstick world. GOTS is a cream-sheen lipstick.

These lipsticks were released about two days ago in Mac Counters, Nordstorm and In Macy’s Mac Stores.  REMINDER: These lipsticks are LIMITED EDITION which means you can only grab these while supply lasts.  Hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you did make sure to like this post!


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