Upcoming Movies

Maleficent (May 30) –

This dark fairy tale tells its story through the eyes of Maleficent, it derives from the original film  and Grimm’s story of Sleeping Beauty where the villainess is first introduced. This story has never been told, as we watch we see that there is more to Maleficent’s story and how far revenge can drive us.

Aurora, the King’s daughter, begins to grow and conflict arises between her decisions of a world of  forest and nature or a world where her people preside waiting for her to become their leader. Maleficent, only knows one world and she will fight for it no matter what comes her way or who.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

This is what hundreds of people have been looking forward to, the moment where past and future collide and action must be taken by the joining of mutants to make their species survive. Those mutants from the past that were introduced in X-Men: First Class and those favorites from the original X-Men films will come together in this bright movie. The cast from the original movies are already magnificent but now joined forces with those of First Class has the utmost potential.

Plus! Professor X finally gets his hover chair!


The story has been retold countless times, but this time the movie has something that comes more close human nature. Perhaps, Godzilla’s story will never get old to tell or see, and it tells us the history of where it has been and who has known of the monster that hides. Natural disaster is what they want you to believe but it could just be more than this…

Devil’s Knot

A biographical crime-drama that reminds us of the West Memphis Three, the true story of the three teenagers who were accused and jailed for the crime of killing three little boys from West Memphis, Arkansas.

The hard story to remember shows the occurrences of the disappearances, the trial, and what comes after when the mystery of three little boys intensifies and the blame is put on them. Ron Lax played by Colin Firth seems to be the only person to believe in their innocence as the young teenagers keep claiming their innocence yet no one listens.


The time is 1962 in Poland, here Anna resides when her ultimate life decision is coming close to her, but before leaving to become a nun she learns of her past, and in her past is Wanda, her Mother’s sister who is alone after choosing loyalty to another instead of her family. Anna learns of her past with Wanda and together they see their paths and even question it, Wanda looks to her past and Anna to her future.


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