Drugstore Bronzers and Illuminators ft. Elf, Wet N’ Wild and Physicians Formula (Review + Swatches)

Lately I’ve been into bronzers and illuminators. Although before this post I didn’t own many bronzers or illuminators the one’s that I do own (sleek and NARS) I’m just discovering makeup, just like you. Once in a while I do purge in a certain beauty item, but makeup is crazy expensive. I’m not going to purchase a NARS illuminator when I can save a lot of money and purchase one for a much more reasonable price. So, if you’re on a budget some of these options would be good for you.

Elf Healthy Glow Bronzer in Sun Kissed



This bronzer gives you an amazing glow. I am not kidding you when I say that this product is CRAZY PIGMENTED. You have to have a light hand to apply this. I am amazed and in love with this gorgeous highlight it gives. Guess what? IT WAS ONLY A DOLLAR!!!! This is such a steal! When I picked this up, it was the first time I have seen this product. There’s nothing negative that I can say about this product.I love love this so much.. I definitely recommend this product.


Swatch: Elf Sun KissedIMG_0238

Wet N’ Wild Bronzer in 739 Ticket to Brazil

wet n wild take me to brazil

I’ve heard of how popular this item was, and I decided it was time for me to pick one up. This product is very pigmented, and smells delicious! It smells like cocoa!! The only downfall of this product is that you can’t carry it in your purse because the lid of this flaps open.

Swatch: Ticket To Brazil



Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster


I have been wanting this product for a while now, but I never seemed to pick it up because paying $13 for a drug store bronzer didn’t make sense to me. The only reason I picked this up was because It had a $5 off coupon lol. Anyway the packaging is so cute and it even comes with a mirror and a brush. The smell of this is not the best. In my opinion it smells like roses mixed in with pennies (if that’s even a smell). Was it worth purchasing this product? No. Why? It’s not as easy to apply and you have to apply it multiple times, to get a good glow. Take a look down below.

Physician’s Formula: Bronze Booster


The packaging is amazing though! Now if only the product was just as good!


Wet N’ Wild Fergie Rose Champagne Glow 


This product is part of the Fergie Center Stage collection which I love! The only products from the Fergie collection which I hated was the lacquer balms. Anyway this product gives you such a beautiful pink glow. I love this product and it’s very affordable. Before I forget, with this product you also have to be very careful when applying it, it’s extremely pigmented! I believe it’s under $5!

Swatch: Fergie Center Stage: Rose Champagne 

(left swatch)


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