Wet N Wild “Flirting at the After Party” Palette review + Swatches

wet n wild flirting at the after party by ami garza reviewThis Wet N Wild palette is said to be a “limited edition” palette for Spring 2014. I know a lot of people who purchase items that are limited edition products and don’t use them, and that to me is so dumb. When people “collect” items with makeup it’s so ridiculous because it never gets to be used and it’s such a waste. The only reason I am saying that it’s such a waste is because these palettes are gorgeous palettes and it’s sad when they are just in some drawer packaged and not used. Anyway this palette was $3.47  for me since I bought it during Walgreen’s Wet N Wild %25 off sale! I love the range of purples and pinks! I love how WNW added pastel purple and pinks!

flirting at the after party wet n wild palette review by ami garza

To my left <—- is the left side of the Palette! As you can see from the picture you have a couple of Matte shadows and some that contain shimmer/glitter. From what I noticed from this palette is that you have some shadows that feel so creamy that when you swatch it with your fingers it easily glides on your skin. I love how they easily glide, way to change-up the formula to make it better Wet N Wild! A+

Flirting at the After Party by Wet N wild review by Ami Garza

To my Right side ———> you have the right side of the palette. The right side contains more of the pink shadows. As well as the purple shadows these also have a couple of shadows that are matte and that also contain a bit of glitter/shimmer to them! This palette is beautifully pigmented!

Hope you guys liked this review! If you don’t own this palette make sure you try to snag this palette as soon as you can, remember they’re “limited edition”.  Like this post if you enjoyed this review!


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