Wet N’ Wild “I’m His Breezey” Eye-shadow Palette

I have been reviewing a lot of Wet N Wild palettes for you guys, I hope you don’t mind! If you saw one of my previous posts you know that I bought a huge amount of Wet N Wild products along with a lot of Rimmel London products.


This blue palette wasn’t my first choice to buy, I was aiming towards the brown palette but it was sold out. Even though I wanted the brown eyeshadow palette I knew I couldn’t say no to this blue palette. The palette’s name is “I’m his Breezey”.


I feel like some of these shadows are greatly pigmented and some are a bit chalky. You can probably tell that the two darker colors are the ones that apply chalky(Definer & Eyelid) . The chalky shadows you just need to keep on applying some and built upon it. The shadow at the top that says (base) appears as white but it’s not, It’s more of a pastel baby blue. From what I could tell only two of these shadows contain some (Browbone & Crease) glitter/shimmer. I really can’t complain much about this palette, after all it cost me less than $2.00.


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