Mac Cosmetics “All Fired Up” Lip Swatch

Mac All Fired Up by Ami Garza

Isn’t this lip color so gorgeous??!?! “All Fired Up” is a retro matte lipstick which means if you own Ruby Woo the texture of this lipstick is the same as Ruby Woo.  If you don’t own Ruby Woo and don’t know what Retro Matte is, don’t worry I will explain to you what it is! A retro matte lipstick is just like a Matte lipstick but a bit more dry when you’re applying it on the lips. With a retro matte lipstick you will have a tougher time applying it on the lips because it’s not as creamy as just a regular Matte lipstick. That’s how I separate both matte and retro matte lipsticks. All Fired Up is a mix of pink and red lipstick. All Fired Up has been compared to NARS “Dragon Girl”


I had a hard time trying to find this lipstick. I went to every Mac counter in my city and it was sold out. To my luck I was able to purchase this lipstick online with free shipping!


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